How Sugar Sneaking into your Perfect Healthy Diet


Whenever we thought of going on a diet, first thing that we tried to cut down is sugar content. Cutting those extra tea or coffee, cutting those chocolate parties, donuts and heavy shakes will be considered among worst food products in way of your diet. You might be considering yourself health conscious while avoiding these foods there are lots of indirect sugary foods available in the market that you use and consider as healthy products but they are neither healthy nor less sugary products. As per CDV, an average American is consuming 70 grams of sugar daily that should not be more than 45 grams. Because the truth is no matter how much you try sugar is everywhere specially if you are opting those healthy packed foods. Not only packed food there is lot more other food content too that you need to cut off. For more healthy tips please visit

Flavored Greek Yogurt: We got variety of those flavored Greek yogurt to satisfy your sweet tooth and you might be thinking that you have cut down lot of sugar by opting flavored yogurt instead of that sugary pastry. But you are completely wrong here because you’re getting almost same sugar from these yogurts as to give them flavor to make them taste better these companies add lots of sugar to this.
Cereal & Corn Flakes: You might be as shocked as I was when I read about this. Cereal or cornflakes have lot of sugary content not only that it also has high sodium which can never be healthy for you as most of the companies use lots of sodium that can be more than your daily intake. So basically, you’ll be taking whole day sodium in single meal. And not to mention sugar is another major reason that land them in sugary foods.

Granola Bars: Yes, you heard that right those healthy bars with granola and oats are equally harmful for you as these are coated with sugar syrup and with that dry berries used in these bars are also coated with sugar syrup. Who says only Donates are coated in sugar there are lots of products around you that are full of sugar content just like donuts.

Packed/Real Juices: Some people believe by opting packed juices they are choosing a healthier option and other think that only real juices are healthy. But sorry for breaking both parties’ myth. Packed food is no longer considered as juice as it’s just a box filled with 60% sugar content. And real juices are also bad for our health and do add sugar in our diet because of fructose. It’s a kind of sugar available in fruit that doesn’t harm much but when we take out juice from fruits all we left with is fructose, all the fiber and good things goes in your dustbin.

There are lot more other food items too that we consider healthy or even no sugar but filled with lots of sugar such as peanut Butter, Honey, Alcohol, Chinese food and sandwiches filled with sauces that ultimately contain lots of sugar. So that would always better to for direct food that you get from nature to make your life healthier and cut down those inches. You can add direct fruits, steamed vegetables, wheat based products and nuts in your diet. And always read nutrition information on the back. Keep eye on sugar content, sodium, content and overall calorie count. Always avoid indirect sugary foods with glucose, sucrose, corn syrups that can sneak out in your diet. Eat healthy, be healthy need to visit