Try These April Fool Pranks For Some Good Laugh

april fool day pranks

Are you tired of your parents nagging you all the time asking you to finish your homework? Or are you bored of them hovering around you being over-protective? April 1st is the day for you! You can extract revenge for all the little inconveniences (all for your good though) they put you through on this day. Prank Candles are a hilarious example of how pranks can be pulled off successfully. In this post, you will find many more such awesome prank ideas.

If you feel you are not inventive enough to come up with any good ideas to play a prank, here’s help. You can get a lot of brilliant ideas from sites like and such others. YouTube is also full of innovative, awesome ideas that can make you roll on the floor laughing. On April Fool’s day you can try out any of the pranks you fancy on your parents, friends or siblings and have a hearty laugh at their expense. Here, we will take you through some great ones ourselves.

Switch Those Condiments
There are many variations to this prank – each one promising to be better than the others – and they are all good. You can swap mayo in place of cream, or wasabi for avocado in guacamole. Then, just move aside and watch your victim’s reaction; better still, record it.

Soy Sauce Swap
This one is truly wicked! If your parents or siblings are avid Coke or Pepsi drinkers, then you can play this prank with great effect. All you need to do is replace their drink with the contents of a bottle of Sprite mixed with soy sauce. First, throw the Coke away and fill the bottle with Sprite. Once that is done, mix in soy sauce till you get the same color as that of Coke. Now, put the bottle back where you found it and wait to see the reaction of your thirsty victim as they take that first gulp of your magic potion!

Stapler Inside The Jelly
Well, it could be anything, not just your parent’s stapler. Any of their office essentials that they use frequently will do. Put them in your refrigerator overnight inside a jelly mold and watch the fun unfold when your parents realize that the stuff they had been searching for all morning is set inside a bowl of jelly.

Pencils That Won’t Write
If your parents have the habit of using pencils to write small notes or reminders, then you can use this trick to confuse them for a while. Just coat the tip of the pencil with some clear nail polish. They will take some time to figure out why the pencil with a lead tip is not writing.

Be The TV Monster
Nothing can be more frustrating than not being able to watch your favorite TV show. You can make your parents tear their hair out by covering the remote sensor with a piece of tape. Try hard not to giggle as you watch your parents struggle to turn the TV on.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty more that can be just as easy to pull off, but with great results.