Switch To Gmail Fax And Boost Your Business

Want to fax a colleague? Use your Gmail Fax Pro and send documents in a fraction of a second. Learn how to fax from Gmail with help from a Google email fax facility. Trending articles at www.entrepreneur.com highlight the benefits of using a digital fax service when compared to a traditional fax machine.

Advantages Of Using Gmail Fax
When you send or receive a fax by email, you receive the contents as an attachment in your email. To include the cover letter, write the relevant subject in the body of the email. You don’t have to push buttons or feed paper into the gadget. Your email service provider takes care of all the formalities to help you send a fax.

Do you use Google mail? They provide their users with the facility of storing all documents online in a cloud-based application. There is a list of all the fax messages that you sent and received, for any future reference.

You don’t have to invest your money and time in buying a fax machine or other essential supplies. With Gmail or any other service provider, your documents are sent through the application, and you don’t have to worry about replenishing paper or ink toner.

There are no maintenance or service charges when you use Gmail fax. The traditional fax machine required regular servicing to ensure the machine was in proper working condition.
What about scalability factor? When you send a fax using your Gmail account, look for the special offers and discounts that are provided for large-scale businesses. You can send a fax to a large number of recipients, and toll-free and local numbers.

With a large number of companies and business establishments going the green way, the Gmail fax comes as a sign of relief. Think of the old days when you had to take a printout of every single sheet. All unwanted and spam messages got printed in the process resulting in the wastage of sheets of paper.

In this age of high-speed internet connection and 4G networks, you don’t have to wait longer than a few seconds to send the important fax. Your number will be saved in your recipient’s contact list, and there is no way a spam message can make its way to their inbox.

Auto conversion of different file formats
One of the biggest advantages of using Gmail fax is the ability to convert a particular file to the type or format of the image that it is compatible with. You can convert an image format into PDF form and print them with ease.

Better clarity
Since the documents are transmitted digitally, there is good clarity and readability of the documents. There is no additional task of scanning and photocopying the contents, and you get a document of high quality on your smartphone.
You own your private fax number
When you use Gmail to send a fax, you get your private fax number. This eases the process of sending and receiving faxes to a great extent.