council tax bill

What to do if you can’t pay council tax debt:
A council tax bill is considered as a priority debt and there can be serious consequences if you can’t pay the total amount due for your debt. Council tax comprises approximately the quarterly incomes of the local authority in England, Wales and Scotland. Almost each household need to settle a council tax, but the payment is based on the estimated worth of your house. The amount you’re going to pay also depends on your age, income, and the people who live with you.
Local officials possess judicial powers to collect council tax, and they perform their duty as soon as possible if you missed paying the required amount. Bailiffs or sheriff officers in Scotland will inspect your properties. This only means that council tax arrears are dealt as a priority debt, and you must pay them on time.
What to do if you have council tax arrears:
If you missed paying the premium of your debt, you should talk to the council and make arrangements to settle your overdue payments. Show them proof like a copy of your budget displaying your income and expenses to let them know your financial standing. It’s recommended for you to obtain a free Council Tax Arrears Help from experts as soon as possible if you’re really struggling to negotiate regarding your arrears.
Don’t disregard the problem because a lot of local authorities are fast moving. They will proceed immediately to court for a Liability Order that can add £100 ($130) or even more directly to your debt.
Councils do their job rapidly like submitting Liability Orders to the bailiffs. In 2014 and 2015, there were over a million council tax debts. These were forwarded to sheriff officers in Scotland for collection. You should always get council tax arrears help or council tax arrears advice to prevent the problem from becoming more serious and to avoid consequences pls visit
If the notice from the council stated that you must settle all the present tax year right away, don’t be upset but instead propose monthly installments. This is a big help if telling the council that you’ll make a direct debit.
However, if you can’t provide the amount the council is asking you to pay; you’re recommended to seek council tax arrears help from:
●Local Citizens Advice
This offers a big help specifically if you’re experiencing problems with benefits claims, one factor causing the council tax arrears.
●Step Change
This gives you a bright solution to your council tax arrears, especially if you have other debts.
Liability orders and bailiffs:
Don’t hesitate to contact the council and attempt to make an arrangement if you receive a subpoena or a written message stating that a Liability Order was granted. You could request that your council tax debt will be paid by the deduction from your pensions amounting £3.70 each week if you’re a member of Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) or Income Support.
Your debt will not be directed to the bailiffs if you can accomplish the given solution. Make sure to settle the exact amount on or before the due date agreed when you made a deal to the councilor on how to pay your council tax arrears.