Choosing the Right Hardware for Your Gaming PC

If you like gaming then you must know the importance of having good hardware. It will determine the number of games that you can play and how well you can play them. From the processor to the monitor everything needs to work together to give the best performance. With good hardware you will be able to enjoy playing your favourite games. But what hardware should you choose. and are good sources of reviews that you can trust to help you choose the best. Here are some tips to bear in mind when looking for hardware to either build or upgrade your gaming PC.
The processor is the heart of the PC
This is very important and a gamer must always bear this in mind. So, having one that is strong enough to support all the hardware components and software is a must. There are many options when it comes to the brands but the best is Intel. This however is pricey and if you are working on a budget it is best to go with the AMD. These are cheaper but offer competitive performance. As for the cores there are processors that range from dual to octo. For good quality gaming the minimum that will give the best results is the quad core. The 6 and 8 core processors are good but not necessary.
GPU determines how fun the play is
The GPU is a graphics or video card that is responsible for determining the quality of pictures you will be seeing on the screen. Some processors and motherboards may come integrated with graphics cards but these cards are not enough to support the demands of PC gaming. When buying, choose a fast video card and you will have great graphics that will make your gaming fun. Stay away from low end cards. If you choose to buy AMD GPU, avoid cards that have the second digit as 4, 5 or 6. As for Nvidia the cards to avoid are those that have 20, 40 or 30 in them. But powerful graphics cards are expensive; how can you solve this? Settle for GPU that are midrange. They will handle most games at 1080p but if you want to play at high resolutions like 4K then you need to get the most powerful cards you can afford. The memory on the video card you buy should be at least 1GB.
A good motherboard is a must have
The motherboard is the body of the PC that will connect all the components of the computer. Ensure that the motherboard you choose has the socket type that the processor you have requires. Also ensure that the motherboard has all the peripheral support you may need. Check that the graphics card slot can fit what you have and enough USB ports for mice, keyboards and other gaming peripheral devices you will need. Think of the future as well. Buy a motherboard that allows expansion for future use.
These are the main hardware components that you need. Consider investing in good gaming keyboards, monitors, mice and hard drives. Look for quality but do not overspend on these.