5 Ways On How To Quit Smoking

Any kind of smoking; be it weeds or cigar smoking always has a negative effect for both the smoker and the passive smokers around them. This includes combustion that has a direct effect on respiratory health. The hazards and bad effects of smokes are available anywhere from printed magazines to informative videos but be that as it may there is still no harm in stressing these points.
When you have realized the need to change this bad habit and decided to quit, there are great resources such as howtoquitsmokingweed.info that will offer you tips on how to quit smoking weed. These methods have been borne of careful research and according to websites such as http://www.medicaldaily.com/5-natural-ways-quit-smoking-proven-work-246408, they are known to work wonders.
Make a decision
This big decision has to come from you. It has to be your own initiative to stop and quit smoking, not from anybody else. Of course, there should always be some support from your family and friends but make it clear to yourself on what lies ahead.
It involves preparation from withdrawal symptoms like Decreased appetite, Irritability, Anxiety, Increased body temperature and sleeplessness. There are many reasons to quit, so make a decision and make a commitment. I remember a story of a 52-year-old woman who successfully quit smoking following her firm decision. Hence, it will never too late for anyone.
Stay away from weed
• Throw away all your smoking paraphernalia or much better, destroy all of them. You might need to also distance yourself from people who supply and remind you of using the drug. Get rid of anything that makes you want to smoke pot, whether it’s your favorite video game or a poster in your room or a picture of someone you really hate/love.
This may sound extreme, but removing these things somehow give you courage that you can beat this challenge in your life and a realization that there’s no turning back and you have to go on with your life.
Find an alternative activity [Find A Distraction]
You have to move away from things that push you to grab a stick. For instance, you have a smoking session with your friends at a specific time and day. You can do something better with the schedule allocated for your pot session, so make it productive and try new things.
In the same manner, if you are smoking weed after work or before going to bed, occupy your mind with something else instead. It’s not an easy task at first but eventually, you will thank yourself for this. You can take this opportunity to do things that you really love and a time to revive a forgotten hobby. You may engage yourself in cooking, writing, swimming and adventures with some of your old friends.
Join support group
Look for people who can understand your situation. Tell them what you what to achieve in a specific span of time. Of course, they may be thrilled with this news and will support you however they can. Also, there are groups who can help you with this problem.
For example, https://howtoquitsmokingweed.info/ is an online site that offers information and true stories on the process of quitting. It is composed of drug dependents that had a successful battle with addiction. You can get the best advice and encouragement from people who had experienced the same.
Seek professional help
Sure, we take drugs to make us feel better but drug dependency is a totally different case. This addiction needs social and medical support. Once the chemicals from “weed” get inside your system, a professional help is necessary to expel the chemical and help you cope up with a new life ahead.
Contact a medical doctor who can prescribe medications designed to help you ease off of marijuana. A therapist will involve you in a medical program to treat underlying issues that are driving your marijuana use(such as depression and anxiety)
It is with your great commitment to change which will take you there, so keep the fire burning while beating smoking habits away.